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Celebrity Selfies That Shocked The Internet

hilaryduff (1)

Geraldo Rivera After a few downed shots of tequila and a pleasurable 70th birthday, Geraldo was feeling pretty good about a photo he’d taken that morning in a bathroom mirror. In the wee hours of the evening he decided to post ...

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Justin Bieber Apologizes For His Behavior Over The Last 1.5 Years

Justin Bieber Apology Video

Justin Bieber released an online video, in which he apologized to fans and the general public for his radical behavior over the last 1.5 years. He attempted to make amends for some poor choices that he made as a young ...

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James Franco & Seth Rogen Address Sony Hack During ‘SNL’ Monologue


  Seth Rogen joined host James Franco onstage during the Saturday Night Live monologue to address the recent Sony Pictures hack. The episode also involved Franco dressing up like Captain Hook, a bisexual troll and a Star Wars cast member. ...

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Top 10 Famous Plastic Surgery Fails

Plastic surgery fails - photo courtesy of quickmeme

Throughout history people have been obsessed with the idea of preserving their youth and in modern society many people turn to cosmetic surgery to accomplish this. However, many times these surgeries result in plastic surgery fails that range from hilarious ...

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