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Motorist Crashes Into Child At LAX Terminal 7


A motorist crashed into LAX terminal 7 on Sunday, injuring one young child who was taken to a local hospital, authorities said. The crash occurred around 4:50 p.m. in the upper level Terminal 7, the departures area for United Airlines and ...

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LA Train Derails After Hitting Car Injuring 21 People

Metro LA Train Derails After Hitting Car Downtown

Los Angeles, California – A Hyundai Sonata got clobbered by a commuter train in Los Angeles, which caused the train to derail tossing passengers about. The collision occurred in the late morning hours around 11am near downtown LA. The whole ...

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21 Year Old California Man Convicted Of Trying To Join ISIS


Los Angeles, California – Adam Dandach, 21, was convicted on Wednesday on earlier charges that involved falsifying a passport application so he could fly to Syria and join ISIS. In July 2014, Adam Dandach was intercepted by authorities at the ...

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Study: Less Air Pollution Leads To Healthier Lungs In Children

Less air pollution in Southern California has led to healthier and stronger lungs for its children./Flickr

It comes as no surprise that environmental damage has major health repercussions. As we continue to release toxic chemicals into the environment, we are left with no choice but to breathe in the polluted air and compromise our bodies’ normal functions. Recent ...

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3 Masked Suspects Detained After Shooting At LA Police Officers

los angeles police officers

Three masked suspects wearing black ski masks were detained after opening fire on Los Angeles police officers on Tuesday morning. The incident began around 6:15 a.m. on W. Florence Avenue between Van Ness and Normandy, officials said. The police officers ...

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Powerful Mustang Kills 2 Spectators In Deadly LA Street Race Crash

Powerful Mustang Kills 2 Spectators In Deadly LA Street Race

Los Angeles, California – An estimated 60 spectators had gathered to watch an illegal street race that took place in an industrial area of Los Angeles County California. The event was likely promoted through texting, social media, and Internet forums ...

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Los Angeles Family Kept 8 Foot Alligator As Backyard Pet For 40 Years

Alligator Found In Los Angeles Area Yard

Van Nuys, California – Police officers assisted with seizing an 8-foot alligator from a Los Angeles area family who kept him in the back yard for 40 years. The reptile was getting old, and was being kept outside in a large ...

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$10 Million Worth Of Stolen Los Angeles Art Recovered

Painting by Chagall/Photo:MARK STEP Krestyane

$10,000,000.00 in Stolen Los Angeles Art Recovered. Authorities have recovered $10 million worth of art, including paintings by Chagall and Diego Rivera that were stolen in one of Los Angeles’ largest art heists. The FBI and Los Angeles recovered nine pieces ...

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1 Injured After Fuel Truck Crashes Into Jet At LAX

Tom Bradley Terminal At LAX

A fuel truck driver is injured at LAX after he crashes his fuel truck into a Jet. Authorities have said that the only injury sustained was the driver himself, and that no other crew or passengers were hurt. The airport ...

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Mountain Lion Crosses Tricky Freeway Just to ‘Mate’

Mountain Lion Crosses Extremely Dangerous Freeway to Mate in Los Angeles

Love may make you do things you don’t want to, but that isn’t the case with just humans- apparently, it can drive animals to cross metaphorical and physical barriers too! A mountain lion was recently spotted crossing two extremely busy ...

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