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Android Porn App Takes Your Photo, Demands $500 Ransom


You mom was right about looking at porn. OK, it might not lead to hair on your palms but it could very well lead to you being hundreds of dollars poorer, phone-less and embarrassed. According to security experts at Zscaler, ...

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Cyber Scam: IBM Uncovers Fraudulent Bank Transfer

Cyber Scam / Shutterstock

  IBM has discovered a sophisticated fraud scheme run by a well- funded Eastern European gang of cyber thieves that uses a combination of phishing, malware and phone calls that the technology company says has netted more than $1 million from large ...

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Hello REGIN , The Newly Studied Malware That Spies On Telco Networks

Photo: TechNews

One of the most sophisticated digital spying tools known to the security field is suddenly in the spotlight today. “Its low key nature means it can potentially be used in espionage campaigns lasting several years,” Symantec said in a blog ...

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Phony Facebook App Infects Computers


According to Cheetah Mobile and other online sources, at least 10,000 people across the globe have fallen victim to a relatively new malware application that fools Facebook users by informing them that the app can change the color schemes of ...

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