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4000th Hit Recorded in Maryland’s DNA Records

Maryland’s DNA Database Records 4,000th Hit

Photo Credit; Google Images

The Superintendent ooff the Maryland State Police, Colonel William M. Pallozzi, announced today about another milestone for Maryland DNA’s database, supporting its need as an invaluable tool to low enforcement in the ongoing effort too reduce crime, apprehend criminals, and ...

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2 Cross-Dressing Men Shot By NSA Agent At Fort Meade Entrance

Fort Meade Entrance Gate

Fort Meade, Maryland – A pair of young men were shot by a security guard while they were attempting to ram through a security gate at Fort Meade. The Army base is the top-secret headquarters for the controversial Nation Security ...

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Police: Corbin Teen Killed Family Over Computer Usage Dispute

corbin teen

A 16-year-old Corbin teen is believed to have shot and killed his mother, father, and sister after a dispute with his parents over computer use before driving from Corbin to the East Coast, where he was killed in a shootout ...

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Search Continues For 6 In Annapolis Mansion Fire

annapolis mansion fire

Authorities said Tuesday they are still searching for six family members missing after a fire destroyed a waterfront mansion in Annapolis, Maryland early Monday morning. The family members were last seen inside the home on Childs Point Road in Annapolis, ...

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Maryland Governor O’Malley Commuting Sentences Of Last 4 Death Row Inmates

Governor Martin O'Malley

Baltimore, Maryland – Governor O’Malley is expected to commute the death sentences of Maryland’s last 4 inmates on death row. This would mean that Maryland would no longer have any prisoners to execute, as the state does away with the ...

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Had One Too Many? App Aims To Stop Drunk Driving


  NEW APP: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is funding a new app in Maryland that allows users to determine what their blood-alcohol level is based on their weight, height and how many drinks they have had. Not sure ...

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