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Astronaut Health Being Studied in a 1-Year Mission in Space

Space Stress: How 1-Year Mission Is Studying Astronaut Health

Photo Credit: Google Images

Being in space is very much similar like a stressful dream and that constant stress must take a toll on astronauts over time who feel as if flying and falling at once, people scrutinizing every move, light being unnatural, tasks ...

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NASA Takes First Step Determining If Life Could Exist On Europa


NASA has taken the first steps towards trying to determine whether Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa, has conditions that could support life. Nine instruments and sensors have been selected for the spacecraft that will try to determine if a briny ocean ...

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New Mission Will Aid Discovery of Hundreds of Black Holes

New Mission will Discover Hundreds of Black Holes

Using new detectors of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), which were developed by a team of researchers at the Cardiff University, astronauts will now be able to detect hundreds of black holes. This new mission is all set to ...

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