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Study Finds Psychedelic Drugs Might Be Helpful For Human Mental Health

psychedelic brain/ Flickr

Psychedelic substances have been used by people all over the world throughout history. Whether it is eating mushrooms or smoking plants these perfectly natural substances are believed—by ancient cultures—to help encourage enlightenment and a heightened sense of self. A Patient ...

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Spider Venom Could Be Used As A Pain Killer?

Spider Venom Could Be Used As A Pain Killer?/Flickr

Scientists have identified a new compound in Tarantula venom which can be used to relieve pain.  This can be of important use for people who suffer from pain caused by cancer, chronic degenerative diseases and other illnesses. In the United States, chronic ...

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Distraction, Not Music May Help Patients Tackle Surgery Anxiety

Distraction during surgery reduces anxiety, pain

A new study reveals that simple distraction techniques such as talking to a nurse, watching a DVD or using stress balls can help patients relax during a surgery and reduce their pain. Accordingly 398 patients were split into four groups ...

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Ibuprofen- The Best Painkiller for Children with Fractures

Ibuprofen is the best painkiller: Study

Ibuprofen has proved to be the best painkiller for kids with fractures as per the results from a recent study which has been published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Both Ibuprofen and morphine can be used as a painkiller ...

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