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Protecting Giant Pandas Protects Other Species

giant pandas

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Giant Pandas: Couch Potatoes Of The Animal Kingdom


According to a new study published in the journal Science, pandas are reportedly as sluggish as sloths because of their thyroid hormones and lack of physical activity. A group of researchers from Beijing, China observed five captive pandas at the ...

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Giant Panda Poop Poses Particular Puzzle


According to a new study, published yesterday by the online US journal mBio, giant panda poop poses a particular “evolutionary dilemma.” Even though giant pandas have reportedly been eating almost nothing but bamboo for two million years, the giant panda ...

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Pandas Love to Cuddle!

Pandas love interacting and cuddling around

A team of researchers from the Michigan State University have now found that pandas are actually quite sociable, even more than earlier believed. The researchers made use of GPS collars to track pandas, and concluded that these animals actually like ...

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Deadly Virus Kills 2 Pandas


According to a UPI release, veterinarians in China are utilizing antiviral medicines in an attempt to prevent the deadly canine distemper virus from killing a 5-year-old female panda bear named Feng Feng. She was diagnosed with the virus late last ...

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Shama The Red Panda Dies From Encephalitis


According to a news release from the National Zoo in Washington, DC, Shama, the female red panda was euthanized at the Smithsonian’s Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia on August 16.   The 7 year-old new mother had just ...

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Panda Playing in the Snow

Panda Playing in the Snow

Panda Playing in the Snow! Who would have known that Panda Bears would love snow this much. Watch as this Panda rolls and flips around in the snow. Enjoying the white powder like a child. Via: YouTube

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