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Tom Brady Supports Donald Trump For President


Yes, Tom Brady is endorsing Donald Trump. The New England Patriots star quarterback announced this yesterday mere hours before Trump was prepped to participate in the second Republican debate. In fact, Brady even owns one of Trump’s trademark red “Make ...

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Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

Former Egyptian President Morsi

Cairo, Egypt – The former president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, was finally sentenced by an Egyptian court to a 20 year prison term. Morsi was thrown out of office by a revolution, led by angered protestors. He was finally linked ...

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Why Hillary Clinton Could Be The Next U.S. President

Hillary Clinton / Photobucket

Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party’s nominee, and she will most likely win the 2016 election. When you see the objective conditions of the Republican Party today and most likely over the next 2 years and compare them to Clinton’s strengths, ...

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Zimbabwean President Mugabe Celebrates 91st Birthday With Slaughtered Elephants

Zimbabwe's President Mugabe Requested Elephants For His Birthday Dinner

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – The President of Zimbabwe, 91 year old Robert Mugabe, decided to celebrate his birthday with a feast. Thousands of guests were invited to the extravagant party, which included plentiful food. The most unusual item on the ...

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Mexican Police Capture Servando “La Tuta” Gomez Most Wanted Drug Lord

Mexican Federales Getting Ready For Raids In Michoacan

Morelia, Mexico – The leader of one of Mexico’s most dangerous drug cartels known as The Knights Templar has been captured by Mexican Police. The drug lord known as Servando “La Tuta” Gomez has finally been captured, signaling the arrest ...

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Suicide Bomber Missed Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan

Goodluck Jonathan

Borno, Nigeria – His name may prove to be prophetic after President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria narrowly missed a suicide bomber. The blast was expected to take out Nigeria’s president, just days before the country’s elections are to take place. ...

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White House Absent From Charlie Hebdo March But All Over Saudi Funeral

King Salman

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – In a series of political maneuvers, the White House has managed to remain absent from Paris’ March of solidarity, but sends waves of delegates to funeral services for Saudi king. The White House didn’t send a ...

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Yemeni Shiite Rebels Storm Presidential Palace And Take Control

Yemen's Presidential Palace Overtaken By Shiite Rebels

Sanaa, Yemen – A large group of Shiite rebels stormed the presidential palace in Yemen, and took control of it. Yemen’s top military officials described the situation as a coup, designed to overthrow the current authority of the country. The successful ...

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