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Music Boosts Recovery From Surgery


According to a new report published in the journal The Lancet, listening to music before, during and after medical surgery reduces anxiety, cuts down on patients’ pain and even reduces the need for painkilling medication. An investigative team analyzed data ...

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White House Removes Restrictions On Marijuana Research


The White House has removed a long-established barrier to marijuana research. Specifically, the Obama Administration has removed the Public Health Service Review. The review, in place since 1999, forced governmental reviews of every single application for medical marijuana research. Marijuana ...

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Gay Marriage Study Author Admits to Lies?

gay marriage

The leading scientific journal Science retracted a widely reported study on the changing attitudes towards same-sex marriage yesterday. Specifically, the withdrawn research — published last December — reported that attitudes toward gay marriage could be changed via face-to-face conversations with ...

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Why Does Something Itch More After You Scratch It? — ‘The Why’


Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why does something itch more after you scratch it?” you ask? Good question.  Timely too. (Besides, it gives us a chance to avoid all those questions about sex, religion and politics.) Have ...

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Pacific Salmon Tracked In Huge Study


Sean Brennan, a former University of Utah grad student in biology, has just published a new study on Pacific salmon in the journal Science Advances. It is reportedly the largest study yet on the travels of salmon in Alaska. Brennan, ...

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More Sex Won’t Make You Happier?


According to a study published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, having more sex doesn’t necessarily make someone happier. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania conducted numerous studies to arrive at their conclusion. They divided their ...

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STUDY: Family Size Grows Among Highly Educated Women

Among women in the United States, postgraduate education and motherhood are increasingly going hand-in-hand. / Flickr

A study conducted by Pew Research Center and the Census Bureau says that fewer women in the US are childless in their 40’s. The most significant drop was noticed in the case of women who had a Master’s degree or ...

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