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NASA’s Messenger Probe Comes To Fiery End On Mercury

Planet Mercury /Photo: Flickr

Mercury is the smallest and fastest planet in the solar system, racing through space at 105,000 miles per hour, circling the sun every 116 days. But besides small size and swift speed, little was known about this mysterious planet until  (MErcury ...

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Scientists In China Genetically Modified Human Embryos?

Genetically Modified Embryo / Shutterstock

Chinese scientists have edited the genomes of human embryos for the first time, confirming a storm of rumors and igniting an ethical debate. Researchers at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China, used an experimental gene-editing technique to modify a gene in human ...

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Researchers: Octopus Arms Have A Mind Of Their Own

octopus arms

The octopus has long been admired for its intelligence and use of camouflage, but one of the most interesting facets to this marine creature is how it moves. Octopus arms are capable of moving with a fluidity that can make ...

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Why Is Being Short Bad For Your Heart? — ‘The Why’

being short

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why is being short bad for your heart?” you ask?  Good question. (Besides, it sure beats answering the question: “Why do people actually buy midget porn if they’re not midgets?” Seriously? No ...

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Why Do Liberals Lie? — ‘The Why’


Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why do liberals lie?” you ask?  Good question. Actually, it’s a loaded question but we generally don’t judge them, we just answer them. (Besides, it still beats answering the weird female hygiene ...

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Mars Once Had An Enormous, Arctic-Sized Ocean Larger Than Earth’s

Mars/ Imgur

Researchers have found that a primitive ocean on Mars may have once held more water than in the entire Arctic Ocean. This suggests a very different planet to the dusty Martian planet of today, writes Nature World News. This study was published ...

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Could The ‘Love Hormone’ Oxytocin, Be A Weight Loss Aid For Men?

Oxytocin plays a huge role in in men eating healthy. Photo/Flickr

Research in a quaint number of men suggests that the “love hormone” oxytocin may reduce appetite, potentially turning it into a tool for weight loss. “We are seeing early signs that oxytocin reduces how much food someone eats at a meal ...

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Study Shows: Loneliness Can Shorten Your Life

Photo: cdn /Loneliness shortens lifespan.

Loneliness shortens lifespan as much as being obese, a study has found. Whether a person feels alone is as much of a predictor of whether they will die prematurely as their weight, researchers found. And they predict a loneliness ‘epidemic’ in ...

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