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Ancient Colonies Used Same Development As Modern Cities

Templo Mayor complex, Mexico City/ Imgur

Cities of the Modern-day Seem To Mimic Ancient ones. A group of researchers from the Santa Fe Institute and the University of Colorado Boulder sought to find out whether ancient colonies and settlements functioned in similar ways to modern-day cities.  Scott Ortman ...

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Study: Land, Air Animals Have Retained Or Lost Size Over Past Centuries

land animals

A new study published in the journal Science points out that while land and air animals largely retained their size or even grew smaller in size over the past centuries, evolution has favored marine animals and has helped them to ...

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Genetic Breakthrough Offers Promising New Avenue For HIV Vaccine

HIV Vaccine

Scientists have made a genetic breakthrough that could potentially block infection from the HIV virus, offering a promising new avenue for a potential HIV vaccine. A team at Scripps Research Institute in Florida announced Wednesday in the journal Nature they ...

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In Boston New Research May Change Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease


New research could change fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. Some doctors will tell you that 2015 may be the most promising year ever for fighting Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. BOSTON —Some doctors will tell you that 2015 may be the most ...

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Study Suggests People Less Likely to Take A Scientist’s Word For Granted

People Are Less Likely to Take for Granted What Scientists Say

Photo Credit: Flickr

A new study led by the Pew Research Center reveals that there is a widening gap between between climate change, safety of vaccines, genetically modified crops, etc, and what the general public believes. The findings show that the belief of ...

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Women On Depo Shot 40% More Likely To Get HIV Than Other Contraceptives

Women Taking Depo Shot 40 Percent Higher Risk Of HIV

The popular injected contraceptive (birth control), known as Depo-Provera have been found to be at a substantially higher risk of contracting the HIV virus. This test concluded from research that spanned over 20 years that women who took the birth ...

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Federal Wildlife Managers Seek More Data On Wild Sage Grouse


A new study by sage grouse scientists confirms that the height of grass cover in nesting habitat is a main factor in determining greater sage grouse nest success. These findings suggest that better grazing management is needed to protect the ...

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Research Identifies Horse Domestication Genes


The genes that could have been involved in the domestication of horses have been identified by an international research team, forging links between ancient and modern horses. The researchers, who spent time sequencing the genomes of both modern horses and ...

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History of Tooth Loss in Modern Birds, 150-Year Mystery Solved

modern birds

It has long been e mystery as to why modern birds are toothless, but thanks to a new study, this 150-year-old mystery has been solved. From the time of the discovery of the Archaeopteryx fossil in 1861, it has been ...

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