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5 Top Ways to Find Love

find love

5 Top Ways to Find Love for Valentine’s Day  . . . Or any other time While not everyone may agree on the top ways to find love, decades of experience, interviews with successful daters and online research reveal there ...

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Hempseed oil has health potential

hempseed oil

Hempseed oil has a lot of potential Hempseed oil can be a heart-healthy part of a nutritious breakfast or any other meal for that matter.  Researchers in the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Seville in ...

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Nanomotors could combat cancer


Nanomotors could combat cancer cells Like a scene from Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi classic Fantastic Voyage, a team of engineers and chemists at Penn State University have worked to put synthetic, miniscule nanomotors into actual live human cells, propel them with ...

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Gray Wolf no longer endangered?

gray wolf

Gray Wolf no longer endangered?  Federal officials for The US Fish and Wildlife Service were apparently barking up the wrong tree when they decided that the gray wolf –which was declared an endangered species in 1975–should be removed from the ...

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Weekday Meals Triumph Over Weekend Indulgences

weekday meals

As you carefully prepare your weekday meals for the week, instead of searching for the pasta it has been suggested to look to vegetables and  salad instead. Research conducted has shown that people trying to lose weight should monitor their weekday ...

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