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Google Searches To Understand Autism


Google “autism” and you might discover the search engine’s latest project. Autism Speaks, an advocacy group on autism, announced Tuesday that they will be collaborating with Google to investigate and determine the genetic or hereditary causes of autism. Autism Speaks ...

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How Does Space Affect Men And Women?


NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute have just released the results of an extensive study on the effects of space on gender. The research team gathered years of both published and unpublished data ...

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3 Percent of Children In U.S. Are Homeless, Report States

homeless children

Three percent of all children in the United States are homeless, an all-time high, according to a state-by-state report that blames America’s high poverty rate, the lack of affordable housing and the impacts of pervasive domestic violence. The “America’s Youngest ...

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Male Mammals Kill Babies To Ensure Own Offspring Endure

male mammals

Survival of the fittest holds true in the animal kingdom, and the male’s offspring. Some male mammals kill the babies of their rivals in order to ensure their own offspring endure. Scientists once thought the practice spurred evolution in mammalian ...

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Ice Age Infant Burial Site Provides Clues For Ancient Death Rituals

ice age infant burial

An Ice Age infant burial site discovered in Alaska is giving researchers insight into death rituals from that point in time. According to Live Science, the researchers unearthed the remains of a three-year-old child about 11,500 years old four years ...

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Scientists Create New Family Tree of the World’s Insects

Scientists Create New Family Tree of the World's Insects - photo from Wikipedia

Scientists have developed a new family tree of the world’s insects. In an attempt to map out insects history on Earth, an international research team has used genetic data to create one of the most extensive family trees in the ...

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Irregular Work Hours Has Chronic Affect On Ability To Think

irregular work hours

A new study has found that working irregular work hours has a chronic effect on your ability to think. The study, published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, looked at the long-term impact on people’s cognitive abilities of working ...

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DNA From Ancient Human Bones Sheds Light on Skin Color, Lactose Tolerance

ancient human bones

The DNA recovered from ancient human bones is providing new clues on the prehistory of Europe, such as when changes in skin color and lactose tolerance occurred, researchers say. The research unexpectedly revealed that ancient Europeans started dairying thousands of ...

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