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Quintet of Nations Sign Accord to Ban Fishing in Arctic

Five Nations Declare Ban On Arctic Fishing

Photo Credit: Google Images

Five nations on Thursday had announced a ban on fishing in the Arctic Ocean as a measure to prevent the increased rate of melting of polar ice caps and the endangerment to marine ecosystems too.   The five countries which ...

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Yandex: Russian Probe Targets Google For Anticompetitive Practices

zdnet.com Image

Yandex (Russian search giant) accused Google of anticompetitive mobile shenanigans, and the country’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Service has already leapt into action. The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service said it opened the probe in response to a complaint from Russia’s biggest Internet firm, Yandex NV, ...

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Orbital Sciences Signs 1 Billion Dollar Deal With Energiya to Buy Engines

US firm signs $1 Billion Deal with Russia’s Energia to buy 60 Rocket engines

Photo Credit: Flickr

A deal worth a billion dollars has been made between US-based space firm Orbital Sciences Corporation and the state-owned Energiya from Russia. Orbital Sciences has also made a contract with the space agency NASA to send rockets on supply missions ...

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Astronauts from US and Russia to go on One Year Space Mission

U.S. and Russian astronauts to go on one-year space mission

Photo Credit: Flickr

In another joint mission in space of the US and Russia, American Astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian Cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko will spend 12 months on the ISS (International Space Station) starting in this year in the month of March, confirms ...

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Russian Cat Climbs Into Box To Save Abandoned Baby’s Life

Masha The Cat Saves Abandoned Baby

A newly born baby was abandoned in a box on the streets in Russia, and left for dead by its parents. With below freezing temperatures, and nothing to keep the baby warm, the little child would not have lasted for ...

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America Was In Recession Before It Was Cool, Russia To Follow In 2015

Russian Ruble

Moscow, Russia – Just like old VHS tapes of Miami Vice, things that were once cool in America eventually make their way into Russia. The United States experienced its most recent recession a few years back, but so many other ...

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Researchers Find Strange Rock that Contains Over 30,000 Diamonds

Strange rock containing 30,000 diamonds baffles scientists

Talk about coolness- a team of Russian miners have now pulled out a strange-looking red and green stone from the depths of the earth, which is unlike any stone ever seen in the history. These workers at Alrosa’s Udachnaya diamond ...

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Amazing Rock Unearthed In Russia Contains 1000’s Of Diamonds


SAN FRANCISCO — Here’s the perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything: A red and green rock, ornament-sized, stuffed with 30,000 teeny-tiny diamonds. The sparkly mass was pulled from Russia’s huge Udachnaya diamond mine and donated to science. ...

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