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Russian Intervention In Syria Crippling ISIS Rebels In Key Cities

Russian Aircraft take off from an airbase in Syria

Aleppo, Syria – Since Russian ground troops have arrived on the scene in Syria, the country’s civil war has taken a dramatic turn. Although the United States and other foreign nations had participated in joint airstrikes against ISIS rebels, the ...

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Why 3 Astronauts Are Stuck In Space For Another Month

Progress Spacecraft Spins Out of Control in Space Drama

A failed Russian cargo mission to space was the result of a leak in the Soyuz rocket, officials said today. The discovery has prompted officials to ask three astronauts on board the International Space Station who were set to return ...

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Yandex: Russian Probe Targets Google For Anticompetitive Practices

zdnet.com Image

Yandex (Russian search giant) accused Google of anticompetitive mobile shenanigans, and the country’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Service has already leapt into action. The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service said it opened the probe in response to a complaint from Russia’s biggest Internet firm, Yandex NV, ...

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Russian Cat Climbs Into Box To Save Abandoned Baby’s Life

Masha The Cat Saves Abandoned Baby

A newly born baby was abandoned in a box on the streets in Russia, and left for dead by its parents. With below freezing temperatures, and nothing to keep the baby warm, the little child would not have lasted for ...

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Mysterious Orbital Object Suspected Of Being Russian Satellite-Killer

Satellite Killer

A mysterious object has been spotted in Earth’s orbit that was not expected to be there. The unidentified object was observed conducting suspicious maneuvers in Orbit, and may belong to a Russian secret satellite program. The Russian military and space ...

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Hottest Female Athletes Around the Globe

Hottest Female Athletes Around the Globe Maria Sharapova, Russian Tennis Champion Hottest Female Athletes Around the Globe. As one of tennis’ brightest stars, Maria Sharapova certainly has the looks to go with the talent and has been able to land ...

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