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150-Year-Old Tortoise Euthanized At San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo sadly had to euthanize a Galapagos tortoise known as Speed, whose estimated age is more than 150 years. Speed had been in geriatric decline for quite some time, with arthritis and other maladies, the Los Angeles ...

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92-Year-Old Becomes Oldest Woman To Finish Full Marathon


Who is the oldest person to run a full marathon? That honor goes to 92-year-old Harriette Thompson, who crossed the finish line of the marathon Sunday in San Diego and broke the world record for the oldest person to ever ...

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Parents Outraged After Cub Scouts Hike Through Nudist Beach

cub scouts

A group of cub scouts taking a leisurely hike got more than they bargained for when they took a turn for the interesting – hiking along a nudist beach. Half a dozen Cub scouts – ranging in age from 9 ...

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Endangered White Rhino Dies, Only 5 Left Worldwide

Northern White Rhino. Photo/Shutterstock

SAN DIEGO — A northern white rhinoceros that zoo officials said was only one of six left in the world died Sunday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Angalifu, who was about 44 years old, apparently died of old ...

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California’s Worst Drought In 1200 Years


The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission or TRMM satellite and Global Precipitation Measurement or GPM constellation of satellites can measure rainfall from space. Data from TRMM and GPM were used to analyze the record-setting rainfall that fell this week in California. ...

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Scientific Study Proves Smoking Marijuana Found Non-Carcinogenic


SAN DIEGO – Smoking marijuana does not appear to increase the risk of lung cancer or head-and-neck malignancies, even among heavy users, researchers reported here. “We expected that we would find that a history of heavy marijuana use, more than ...

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SeaWorld San Diego Welcomes a Baby Dolphin

Baby dolphin born at SeaWorld San Diego

Sadie, the bottlenose dolphin just gave birth to her second baby at SeaWorld, San Diego. For all those who’re excited about it, there’s also a fascinating video footage that captures the moment the 40-pound baby dolphin was born as the ...

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SDSU Student Presumed To Have Meningitis Dies


SAN DIEGO – An 18-year-old San Diego State University student died, possibly from a meningococcal infection like meningitis, friends confirmed Thursday. The young woman, identified by friends as Sara Stelzer, was admitted to the hospital Tuesday with flu-like symptoms, the ...

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Hot Air Balloon Proposal Goes Awry With Emergency Rescue

hot air balloon

A romantic proposal aboard a hot air balloon in sunny Southern California went awry Sunday, ending with a rescue operation in the Pacific Ocean. Lifeguards and surfers dove into the ocean saving three people after the basket dipped into the ...

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