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Why Do We Sleep? — ‘The Why’

why do we sleep

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why do we sleep?”  Good question. (OK, it’s a little “Weekly Reader Science Page” but it beats answering questions about the assorted, odd intimate acts. Seriously? We thought a “Wake Up Call” ...

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Too Much Sleep Could Raise your Risk of Stroke

How much you sleep could raise your risk of stroke

The findings of a new study have revealed that getting too much sleep could also increase the risk of stroke in individuals affected by high blood pressure, and possibly even triple it. In addition, getting less than 5 hours of ...

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Sleeping Can Help Reduce Motion Sickness in Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars can cause motion sickness

Self driven cars may seem like the perfect way to improve mobility and at the same time, save energy and make roads safer, but it could also increase the risk of motion sickness for certain individuals, the findings of a ...

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Power Naps May Help Boost Memory

Take power naps to boost your memory

Got exams coming up? Take note- the findings of a new study have now revealed that taking short power naps lasting for around 45 to 60 minutes could have a five-fold improvement in retrieval of information from memory. These findings ...

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Sleeping More Could Put you At a Higher Risk of Stroke

More than Eight Hours of Sleep Linked to Higher Stroke Risk

Sleeping for more than eight hours per day can increase the risk of both non-fatal and fatal stroke- a recent study conducted at University of Cambridge has revealed. What’s more, it has been found that the stroke risk is double ...

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