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Why Are The Feds After Our Social Media Info? — ‘The Why’

social media

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why are the feds after our social media info?” you ask? Good question.  Timely too. (Besides, again, it helps us put off answering all those questions about odd, intimate acts. We don’t ...

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HS Wrestling Coach Arrested In Nude Picture Exchange

wrestling coach

An assistant wrestling coach at Wesley Chapel High School faces criminal charges after Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies say he lured teenage boys into sending him nude photographs. Deputies say Carlos Perez, 22, a former assistant wrestling coach at the high ...

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Tinder Causes Spike In STDs


STDs are on the rise because of Tinder According to a new study by the Rhode Island Department of Health, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are on the rise across the country. Despite the fact that efforts to prevent, treat and ...

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Alarming Increase in STDs Leads to a Concerned Report by RIDE

Social Media Blamed in Part for STD Spike in Rhode Island

Photo Credit: Google Images

The Rhode Island Department of Health has released a concerned report suggesting that the rates of sexually transmitted diseases across the United States are once again on the rise despite their best efforts showing the risks of having unsafe sex ...

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Social Media Outrage Over Iwo Jima Shirt Prompts Under Armour Apology

under armour

Under Armour is recalling a new shirt design that played off an iconic World War II image following social media outrage that erupted on Friday. In a series of tweets and a Facebook post, the popular active wear company apologized ...

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U.S. Teens’ Social Media Activity Is Transforming

Social Media /Flickr

Where teens’ tastes wander, the industry froths itself into a frenzy attempting to follow. For teens are a bellwether of dollar valuations to come. So what are American Teens keen on right now? A new report by the Pew Research Center delves into ...

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Photo Of Noose On Duke Campus Sparks Social Media Outrage


A noose found hanging from a tree outside Duke University’s student center early Wednesday morning has sparked nationwide outrage across multiple social media sites. The noose has since been removed from the tree; however photos taken have widely circulated and ...

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‘Sharenting': Isn’t Proper Parenting?


According to a new study just completed at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the parental practice named “oversharenting” is the latest peril of parenting. The questionable act of sharing too much on social media is not going away ...

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Starbucks Failed Miserably With #RaceTogether Twitter Campaign

Starbucks Failed Miserably With #RaceTogether Campaign

Seattle, Washington – Starbucks had made an attempt to start racial discussions in the US through the use of a social media campaign. The hashtag #RaceTogether popped up on some of Starbucks’ Twitter and other social media accounts with the ...

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Loneliness Could be as Dangerous as Smoking, Excessive Drinking

Study Links Loneliness to Premature Deaths

Loneliness not only affects a person mentally but it can even lead to early death among individuals, the findings a new study conducted by researchers from the Brigham Young University in Utah revealed. People who were always alone die at ...

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