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JAXA Makes Huge Breakthrough By Beaming 1.8 Kilowatts Of Solar Power From Space


A major breakthrough in solar power was announced by JAXA, Japan’s space administration – making the idea of powering humanity by gathering an endless supply of solar energy from space a reality. Scientists working for JAXA announced that they’ve been ...

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Community Solar Gardens Expected To Grow Sharply In 2015

community solar gardens

Community solar gardens first became popular in Colorado a few years back, and the model – also known as community or shared solar – has gained interest in California, Massachusetts, Minnesota and several other states. Capacity is expected to grow ...

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Solar Energy Harnessed Enables Night Use


Researchers create a device that converts the solar energy into hydrogen fuel. Solar energy has many benefits over fossil fuels, the issue is it can only be harvested during the day. Researchers might have found the solution. Different from being dependent ...

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