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Venus Transit May Be Useful for Future Mission to Earth’s Twin

Transit of Venus --"A Model for Exo-Planet Detection"

Photo Credit: Google Images

Venus transit, an extremely rare event in which a planet passes between the Earth and sun, can now be used to make measurements about the way in which the atmosphere of Venus absorbs different kinds of light. Which, in turn ...

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Odyssey Spacecraft About to Set a Record, 60,000 Orbits around Mars

Veteran NASA Spacecraft Approaches 'Marathon' Milestone In Its Travels Around Mars

Photo Credit: Google Images

NASA has announced that a milestone is about to be reached by the Mars Odyssey spacecraft, circling the Red Planet since its arrival there in 2001 that will see it complete 60,000 orbits. Odyssey, named after Arthur C. Clarke’s bestselling ...

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Important Findings of Comet Atmosphere Discovered by Rosetta

Nasa's Alice on Rosetta Spacecraft Makes Key Discovery About Comet Atmosphere

Photo Credit: Google Images

An instrument of NASA on the ESA’s Rosetta Spacecraft has given a new insights into how comet atmosphere is built.   The Alice instrument discovered that electrons which are near to the surface of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko – and not ...

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NASA’s Messenger Probe Comes To Fiery End On Mercury

Planet Mercury /Photo: Flickr

Mercury is the smallest and fastest planet in the solar system, racing through space at 105,000 miles per hour, circling the sun every 116 days. But besides small size and swift speed, little was known about this mysterious planet until  (MErcury ...

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MESSENGER Spacecraft By NASA to End Its Mission by Crashing on Mercury

NASA's MESSENGER probe to end 11-year mission by crashing into Mercury…on purpose

Photo Credit: Flickr

The MESSENGER spacecraft by the space agency NASA, which was collecting information about mercury for almost 3 years, is about to end its life cycle as it has been projected to crash into the surface of the same planet in ...

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NASA’s Space Probe’s Grave Captured on the Moon


A NASA spacecraft found the place at which one of the earlier space probes of NASA slammed into the surface of Earth’s satellite around 6 months earlier. A new lunar crater was captured by the Agency’s LRO (Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter) ...

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