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Why Is Star Wars’ Hans Solo The Perfect Character? — ‘The Why’

star wars

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why is Star Wars’ Hans Solo the perfect character?” Good question. (OK, it’s a little geeky but it beats answering those questions about some of your more personal peccadilloes. Seriously? We thought ...

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‘Star Wars’ And ‘Star Trek’ Fans Argue Over Pluto


According to numerous sources, Pluto has become a problem.   The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) New Horizons Pluto Mission has quite unintentionally sparked what some call “a heated argument” between fans of Star Trek and fans of the Star ...

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Star Wars’ Tatooine 2-Sun Planet Is Real?


According to a report titled “Planet formation around binary stars: Tatooine made easy” recently submitted to the Astrophysical Journal, a pair of astrophysicists– Ben Bromley of the University of Utah and Scott Kenyon of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory–have discovered a ...

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‘Breaking Bad’ Star Aaron Paul Could Be In The New Han Solo Spin-off

Aaron Paul. Photo/ Wikipedia by Gage Skidmore

  Fans of the recently-ended AMC series Breaking Bad may have the opportunity to see one star of the series, Aaron Paul, on the big screen, when the planned Star Wars spin-off hits theaters. Aaron Paul, most commonly recognized for ...

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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Named Most Anticipated Film Of 2015


The latest “Star Wars” film has been named the most anticipated movie of 2015. Though “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” isn’t due out until December 18 of 2015, the internet buzz has created quite a bit of interest. According to ...

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NASA Wants To Build Bespin Style Cloud City On Venus

Craters On Venus

Venus may someday be the home of a space station in the clouds, much like the Bespin Cloud City in Star Wars. The surface of the planet is far from inhabitable, and potentially even too hostile for any type of ...

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James Franco & Seth Rogen Address Sony Hack During ‘SNL’ Monologue


  Seth Rogen joined host James Franco onstage during the Saturday Night Live monologue to address the recent Sony Pictures hack. The episode also involved Franco dressing up like Captain Hook, a bisexual troll and a Star Wars cast member. ...

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10 Unbelievable World Records

The largest collection of “Star Wars”     Steve Sansweet from California gathered an impressive collection of 300,000 unique items dedicated to the movie “Star voyy.”

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