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Leap Second May Cause Significant Changes to the World

One extra second , little extra day

Photo Credit: Google Images

On 30th June, everyone will add the leap second in the same way or the same time. Note: Leap seconds are not directly related to leap days (in leap years). Historically, we have measured time with respect to the Earth’s ...

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General Motors Proposes $5 Billion Stock Buy-back To Avoid Takeover

GM To Buy Back 5 Billion Dollars Of Stock

Detroit, Michigan – It wasn’t too long ago that you could buy shares of General Motors stock for pennies on the dollar. Now that the automotive industry and the economy have seemed to stabilize, the value of General Motors has ...

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Carton’s Expectation Of Box IPO Lower Than Analysts $1.4 Billion Prediction

Upcoming Box IPO Set To Hit 1 Billion Or More

Los Altos, California – The cloud-based storage company Box is planning to re-launch its IPO plans after market conditions improve. They had initially planned on going public last year, but held off after calculations didn’t pan out to meet the founder’s ...

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Top 10 Stocks to Watch for 2014 and Beyond # 4

Qualcomm –  QCOM –  #4 It doesn’t matter who you ask, many market analysts believe Qualcomm is looking very bullish in 2014. Technology stocks in general are bullish. This is interesting considering generally, tech stocks aren’t the first thing investors think about when ...

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Top 10 Stocks for 2014 and Beyond # 6


  SENESCO TECHNOLOGIES  – SNTI –  #6 Senesco Technologies saw ups and downs over 2013, but we are banking on a big rise for the cancer therapeutics company. Senesco is sponsoring a Phase 1b/2a clinical trial of SNS01-T for patients with multiple myeloma who ...

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