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Bronze Age Europe and Asia Involved Large-Scale Human Migration

bronze age

In the largest study conducted on ancient DNA, it was revealed that Asians and Europeans in the Bronze Age had been light-skinned and lactose intolerant in general. The study also revealed that during the Bronze Age in Europe and Asia, ...

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Hawkmoths Gather More Light By Slowing Their Brains


Getting food can be a challenge for varying breeds of animals, but hawkmoths have a particular challenge. They feed at dusk by inserting their long proboscis into a flower in order to drink nectar. Simon Sponberg, an assistant professor in ...

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Study: Scientists Test MDMA For Psychotherapy In California

Study: Scientists Test MDMA For Psychotherapy In California. / Shutterstock

A team of psychotherapists at a Marin County clinic now have permission to start using ecstasy in therapy trials. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, San Anselmo psychiatrist and MDMA psychotherapy advocate Dr. Philip Wolfson is recruiting 18 people for ...

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STUDY: Family Size Grows Among Highly Educated Women

Among women in the United States, postgraduate education and motherhood are increasingly going hand-in-hand. / Flickr

A study conducted by Pew Research Center and the Census Bureau says that fewer women in the US are childless in their 40’s. The most significant drop was noticed in the case of women who had a Master’s degree or ...

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STUDY: How Science Is Making A More Quality Chocolate Using Fats

Chocolate / Flickr

Chocolate study at the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchotron or DESY in Germany conducted could make one of the most beloved foods in the world look even better, if not taste better. We are talking about the removing of fat bloom, the white layer ...

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Researchers: Octopus Arms Have A Mind Of Their Own

octopus arms

The octopus has long been admired for its intelligence and use of camouflage, but one of the most interesting facets to this marine creature is how it moves. Octopus arms are capable of moving with a fluidity that can make ...

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STUDY: Heroin Users More Common Than Thought

Heroin Poppy. Photo: Pinterest

Today’s typical heroin user is a middle-class suburban dweller who started off with prescription painkillers, a new study reports. Once mainly a problem of teens living in impoverished neighborhoods in large cities, heroin use now more commonly affects whites in ...

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