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Woman Gets $200 Ticket For Applying Chapstick At Light


What would Suzy Chapstick do? 37 year-old Nevada woman Stephanie Fragoso recently told the press a Nevada Highway Patrol officer gave her a $200 ticket Wednesday for putting on Chapstick on her way to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  The ...

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Cyber Scam: IBM Uncovers Fraudulent Bank Transfer

Cyber Scam / Shutterstock

  IBM has discovered a sophisticated fraud scheme run by a well- funded Eastern European gang of cyber thieves that uses a combination of phishing, malware and phone calls that the technology company says has netted more than $1 million from large ...

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iPhone Thief Posts Selfies On Facebook, Gets Busted By Mom


An unidentified 17 year-old iPhone thief’s love of selfies led to her downfall. The iPhone’s owner, 23 year-old Denver area resident Rawley Bingham, said she was at a nightclub on March 21 at approximately 2 a.m. when a stranger approached ...

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Tinder Hacked, 100s Of Straight Men Flirt With Each Other


April Fools’ Day came early this year as a Hacker known only as “Patrick” disrupted the dating app Tinder causing hundreds of heterosexual men to unknowingly flirt with each other. According to various online sources including The Verge the reportedly ...

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Microsoft Supposedly Developing Surface 2 Follow Up

Surface 2

A new report out of WinBeta says that Microsoft has a follow-up to the Surface 2—the one running Windows RT, not Windows 8.1—in the works. We’ve heard this before (and before that, too), and so far, that particular rumor has yet to ...

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IBM Invests in Watson’s EMR Technology

IBM Invested for the new technology that Watson uses

Photo Credit: Google Images

IBM introduced state-of-the-art technology through specialty-specific electronic medical records (EMR) systems and other technologies that captures data, tracks outcomes and gives clinical decision support.   Aimed at speeding up the adoption of IBM’s Watson cognitive computing technology in the health ...

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Chevy Announces Teen Driver Safety System

teen driver

Chevrolet just announced a special Teen Driver safety system. With the recent release of statistics on how teenagers multi-task while driving, the Teen Driver monitoring system, which will officially debut in the 2016 Chevy Malibu, may have arrived at a ...

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Microsoft Passes Exxon, Now World’s 2nd Most Valuable Co. Behind Apple


The bull run in Microsoft’s stock this past year has helped the tech giant surpass Exxon Mobil and seize the rank of the second most valuable company, behind Apple Inc. Under new CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has worked to overcome ...

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Mark Zuckerberg Sued By His Palo Alto Neighbor

Mark Zuckerberg /Imgur

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been sued by his neighbor in his home in Palo Alto, California based on allegations including fraud and misrepresentation. A dispute, detailed by the New York Times, stemmed from a real estate transaction in November 2012. At ...

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