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Group Of 9 British Medical Students Entered Syria To Aid ISIS Militants

Refugees Fleeing ISIS Invasion

A group of 9 British nationals with Islamic backgrounds are believed to have entered into Syria to work on behalf of the ISIS terrorists. There is no doubt that medical personnel are in short supply on The Islamic State’s sides ...

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Why America Funds Some Terrorist Groups And Not Others

Reagan Meeting With Afghan Fighters In White House

There is an old saying that goes something like this: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” And that same logic is often applied in the world of global conflict. At times your own interests are best served by ...

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US Absence From Paris March Against Terrorism Not Taken Lightly

White House Absent From Paris March

Washington, D.C. – Over the weekend millions of French people and their supporters took to the streets of Paris to show their support against the recent attack at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters last week. Many world leaders took the time to ...

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Radical Muslim Terror Units Activated Across France In Retaliation

Law Enforcement in France

Paris, France – In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shooting that shocked the city of Paris, France earlier this week, international intelligence has determined a large surge of chatter between suspected terrorist cells. These cells are suspected of being activated, ...

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Kenya Bus Assailment By Terrorist Militants Kills 28 People

Photo Courtesy: TodayOnline.com

GARISSA, Kenya: Suspected Al-Qaeda-linked, terrorist gunmen attacked a bus in northeastern Kenya, killing 28 people after separating non-Muslim and Muslim passengers, a government official said. The Nairobi-bound bus was attacked this morning while traveling between the towns of Mandera and ...

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46% Of Palestinians In Israel Support Terrorism Against Civilians

Hamas Leader

In the wake of recent increases in Palestinian violence in Jerusalem and other cities around Israel, recent polling shows 46% of Palestinians support terrorism against civilians. This comes at a time when these increased attacks have led to the murders ...

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ISIS Recruiting Impressionable College-Aged Men From Around The World

ISIS Fighters

World intelligence agencies have been working hard to determine the identity of many of the Islamic State fighters who have appeared in various propaganda videos. Much to many people’s surprise, there is a large number of combatants within the ranks ...

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