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Attorneys Start Campaigns To Stop Selling E-Cigarettes to Minors

States to Start Cracking Down on selling E-Cigarettes to Minors

Photo Credit: Google Images

Irritated by the constantly slow pace of working of the federal action, the state attorneys general are waging their own campaigns which is directed towards the stopping of advertising and sales of e-cigarettes to minors. In fact, more than a ...

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Study Says Raising Tobacco Age To 21 Could Save Thousands Of Lives

Raising Tobacco Age To 21 Would Save Thousands Of Lives

The typical age to legally buy tobacco products in the United States is currently 18. Since this is the age that we are legally considered adults in this country, it seems fitting that we should be able to buy a ...

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Is Big Tobacco Going To Merge With “Big Marijuana”?

Big Tobacco/Tumblr

There’s a lot going for Big Tobacco these days. It’s not just that tobacco boasts the best historical performance of all U.S. industries. The industry’s future seems especially bright. As marijuana gradually becomes a legal drug, Big Tobacco is ready to ...

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US Red Cross Under Pressure To Stop Donations From Tobacco Companies

American Red Cross Pressured To Stop Donations From Tobacco

The Red Cross in the United States is being put under pressure from the International Red Cross to stop accepting monetary donations from tobacco companies. By continuing to accept the donations from these harmful organizations, they put their international reputation ...

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Reduction in US Smokers Credited For 22% Reduction In Cancer Deaths

Lung Cancer XRay

Drastic action has been taken to reduce the likeliness of cancer, as well as an increase in the ability to fight the disease. Since 1991 the number of people who have died from cancer has fallen annually by as much ...

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1st Baby In New York Dies From Liquid Nicotine Ingestion

Bubble Gum E-Liquid / E-Juice for E-Cigs - (Flickr)

  The tragic death of a baby boy in New York who accidentally ingested liquid nicotine will be a sad reminder to parents of the dangers of the deadly neurotoxin found in the substance. Police responded to a report of an ...

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Good Luck Getting A Job In Arizona If You’re A Smoker


TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Pima County will consider later this month whether to no longer hire smokers and put a price on workers who do smoke. The Pima County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote Dec. 16 on a ...

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Hookah Smokers May be at a Higher Risk of Leukemia

Hookah smokers prone to higher risk of leukemia

Hookah may be the new upcoming trend in the midst of all the health advice revolving around smoking and its ill-effects, but now, it has been found that the fumes that hookah smokers inhale contain toxic benzene that could be ...

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