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Frozen Testicle Tissue Bears 8 Babies


According to a study just recently published in the journal Nature Communications, Japanese scientists have for the first time produced perfect progeny out of deep frozen testes tissue. The researchers add that a process similar to theirs might someday be ...

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Secret Study Conducted On Facebook Users


According to a study recently published by The PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) social networks such as Facebook can impact one’s emotions. A Facebook data scientist and two additional researchers conducted a now controversial secret study over ...

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Can Egypt’s Army Cure AIDS?


At a press conference yesterday the Egyptian military announced that they would postpone the public use of its “complete cure” virus-curing device for another six months for further testing. Despite skepticism voiced by experts in the scientific community, the Egyptian ...

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3rd New Species Of Elephant-Shrew Found


Researchers from the California Academy of Sciences discovered a third new species of elephant-shrew or sengi a remote desert of Namibia. Reportedly, this new species is the smallest of the 19 elephant-shrews in the order of .Macroscelidea. The new species, ...

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