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5-Year Tuition Hike Approved by UC Governing Board

tuition hike

A proposed tuition hike was tentatively approved Wednesday by a University of California governing board committee. The committee voted 7-2 to approve the plan recommended by UC President Janet Napolitano that would increase tuition costs in each of the next ...

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Astronomers Identify G2 Object In Galactic Center With Keck Telescopes

G2 Gas Cloud

A team of astronomers from the University of California Los Angeles have finally identified the mysterious G2 object near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The team used the twin Keck Telescopes located in Hawaii to focus in on ...

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TOP 10 Most Expensive Colleges

photo: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

To get a top education these days you need to pay top dollar, but are the best colleges also the most expensive colleges? The out-of-state tuition is increasing more and more as young people find it even more difficult to ...

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