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22-pound cat attacks owners (update)

22-pound cat

A 22–pound cat named Lux attacked an infant and trapped its owners and their dog in a bedroom in Portland, Oregon before being subdued by Portland police officers reported authorities on Monday.  The actual incident occurred prior to 8:00 p.m. ...

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Facebook f8 returns next month


Facebook just announced the return of what used to be a yearly f8 developer conference.  Following a three-year hiatus, Facebook will open its next one-day f8 meet on April 30 at the San Francisco Design Concourse in San Francisco, California.  ...

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FDA wants PCSK9 drugs tested


The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) recently requested that French multinational pharmaceutical company Sanofi SA and the New York-based Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc evaluate any “potential neurocognitive side effects” of their experimental, relatively new cholesterol drug alirocumab.  They are also ...

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New NASA 3-D model solves mystery


NASA researchers made a discovery almost ten years ago that they could not explain.  Using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope they noticed what some call “planet-forming disks” in the proximity of newer stars glow with infrared light and are heated by ...

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