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Who was Dennis “Fergie” Frederiksen?

who was Dennis “Fergie” Frederiksen

Who was Dennis “Fergie” Frederiksen? Dennis Hardy “Fergie” Frederiksen, former vocalist for Toto, Le Roux, the glam-rock band Angel and Trillion died yesterday January 18, following an almost four year fight with cancer.  Frederiksen was perhaps best known for his ...

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What are wave pools?

wave pool

What are wave pools?  Wave pools are swimming pools that contain artificially-created waves.  There are many interesting facts concerning wave pools.  For example, there are two ways to create a wave pool: the first is by blowing pressurized air across ...

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What is a start-up loan?

start-up loan

What is a start-up loan? A business loan is borrowed monies that businesses apply toward expenses that they are not able to pay for themselves.   Some business owners put borrowed money toward office supplies, inventory or other business projects.  Financial ...

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Where are the top winery events?

top winery events

Where are the top winery events? While it certainly is true that technically-challenged people interested in finding top winery events could actually subscribe to an actual magazine on the topic of wine such as Food & Wine Connoisseur, try to ...

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How old are baseball cards?

how old are baseball cards

How old are baseball cards? Baseball cards are much older than many people know.  Baseball cards came into fashion at about the same time as photography.  So naturally, baseball teams began to pose for pictures.  The pictures were sometimes printed ...

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Who hacked Target and Neiman Marcus?

who hacked target and neiman marcus

Who hacked Target and Neiman Marcus? While corporate spokespeople for both Target and more recently Neiman Marcus are quick to downplay the damage done by their thus far anonymous hackers, according to Reuters, at least three other stores had their computer ...

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