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Victims of Violence from Weapons More Likely to Report of high Trauma: Study

Victims of weapons more likely to report high adversity and trauma

Photo Credit: Google Images

According to the results of a telephone-based survey, more than one-quarter of all children nationwide have been exposed to violence involving a weapon. Kimberly J. Mitchell, PhD of the University of New Hampshire and colleagues have reported that over 17.5 ...

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US Department Of State Says Not To Go To Israel

Israel Map US Department of State

Washington D.C. – If you’ve got a hankering to travel to Israel, the US Department Of State says not to do it. The US has released a travel warning, urging citizens and international travelers not to travel to Israel at ...

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Black Friday Violence: Costco Employee Slashed By Box Cutter

Box cutter

NANUET, New York – Two Costco employees got into a bathroom scuffle before the store opened for Black Friday shoppers. The end result left one of the workers badly injured with deep cuts to his face and stomach. The other ...

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Missouri Governor Nixon Deploys 2,200 Troops To Ferguson Streets

2200 National Guard Deployed Around Ferguson Streets

After the grand jury’s decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson for the police-involved shooting death of Michael Brown, the streets of Ferguson Missouri erupted with violence. The riots, arson, and protests were expected in the wake of the not-guilty ...

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Muslim Terrorists Continue Reign Of Violence Killing 28 In Kenya

Shabab Logo

The world is distraught with violence from Muslims in the Middle East and Africa. Extremist groups continue to fuel pressure against the so-called peaceful religion, by enacting violent and deadly acts against innocent people from other religions. Some Muslims are ...

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Study: Chimpanzee Violence Is An Example of Natural Selection

chimpanzee violence

A new international study collected 426 combined years of data in examining chimpanzee violence across 18 different communities. The study was to understand why chimpanzees might gang up and violently attack members of their own species. Primatologists have, for a ...

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Study: 20 Percent of Men Admit to Domestic Violence in Relationship

domestic violence

A new study shows that one in five American men admit to domestic violence against his partner or spouse. A nationally representative study from the University of Michigan revealed that domestic violence in relationships is more prevalent than diabetes. This ...

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Kidnapped Teenager Issues First Public Disclosure on Violence During Captivity

kidnapped teenager

A kidnapped teenager who went missing for nine months before mysteriously returning home in July said she was abducted by force, her lawyer said in a statement released Tuesday, the first public disclosure that she faced violence during her confinement. ...

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