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Drinking Water Does Not Cure Hangover


According to a team of researchers from the Netherlands and Canada, drinking water in order to prevent a hangover the next morning might not really work. Additionally, the new research also suggests that the one way to guarantee not having ...

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ESA Claims the Blue Spots on Mars to be an ‘Illusion’

The mysterious blue lagoons of MARS

Photo Credit: Google Images

An image has popped up which depicts what seems to be blue, liquid water gathering on the surface of the red planet.   The ESA, on the contrary, states that this might be nothing more than an optical illusions. The ...

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Unhygienic Hospitals Blamed for Half a Million Baby Deaths Every Year

Half a million babies die each year in unhygienic hospitals

Half a million babies die each year in unhygienic hospitals The findings of a new WHO-backed international review have revealed a rather concerning fact- around 1/3rd of hospitals and clinics in developing countries do not have adequate facilities for staff ...

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New Research Suggests Possibility of Billions of Life-Sustaining Planets

Space research reveals possibility of more Earth-like planets

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos

According to a new research, there could be hundreds of billions of planets similar to earth in our own galaxy which can support life. A team at the Australian National University in Canberra examined the figures from the Kepler space ...

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Is White Spot On Ceres Really Ice?

Ceres White Dot

NASA‘s Dawn Spacecraft has been closing in on the dwarf planet Ceres, and beginning on January 13th it started sending back identifiable photos of the planet. Even though the probe is still really far away from the planet, it still ...

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BPA-Free Bottles With BPS May Just Be A Bunch Of BS

BPA Free Plastic Bottles May Be Just As Harmful

You may or may not be aware of plastic bottle manufacturer’s claims that their bottles are BPA-Free, as if that means the bottles are healthier for you to us. Parents of newborn babies are urged to use only baby bottles ...

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Champagne Bubbles Explained

The Physics of Champagne Bubbles

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos

At this time of the year with Christmas around the corner, there are champagne sales booming up everywhere as everyone wants to celebrate with a glass or two (maybe more) of champagne. But have you ever wondered about the reason ...

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Poor Sanitation and Dirty Water Killing More Newborns and Mothers

Poor water and sanitation 'kills mothers and newborns'

A team of researchers have, in their new study, found that many newborns and mothers are now falling prey to a number of health issues occurring due to the lack of sanitation facilities and poor water arrangements, especially while giving ...

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