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1953 Harry Truman Completely Renovated The White House

Renovation work on the White House in the early 1950s. The current executive mansion is mostly an imitation of the original 18th-century building. Credit Abbie Rowe/National Park Service, via Harry S. Truman Library

If you walked into The White House today, you might think you were entering the mansion whose construction began in the 1790’s under the supervision of President George Washington. But in fact, except for the four exterior walls, today’s presidential ...

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White House Letter Tested Positive For Cyanide

Cyanide Laced Letter Opened At White House Mail Room

Washington D.C. – A suspicious letter was opened at a White House mail room on Monday, sparking concerns for a biologically contaminated envelope. This type of security risk is the precise reason that mail destined for the White House is ...

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2 Drunk Secret Service Agents Crash Into White House Gate

2 Secret Service Agents Crash Vehicle Into White House Gate

Washington D.C. – You might begin to expect some reckless behavior from the boys in blue, but probably not from our president’s Secret Service agents. A report came out that detailed 2 senior Secret Service agents crashing their vehicle into ...

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White House Requests $30M Mission To Jovian Moon Europa


Earlier this week the White House publicized its budget requests for 2016, requests that involve a mission to the Jovian moon Europa. Buried inside the $18.5 million budget request for NASA, one interesting tidbit emerged: $30 million for a mission ...

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White House Absent From Charlie Hebdo March But All Over Saudi Funeral

King Salman

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – In a series of political maneuvers, the White House has managed to remain absent from Paris’ March of solidarity, but sends waves of delegates to funeral services for Saudi king. The White House didn’t send a ...

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Prince William Tours White House, Meets With President Obama

prince william

Prince William’s trip to the United States is shaping up to be a whirlwind affair after touching down in New York Sunday evening. The Duke of Cambridge then made his way over to the White House to meet with President ...

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Obama Announces Initiative to Aid American Indian Youth

american indian youth

President Barack Obama announced an initiative Wednesday aimed at improving conditions and opportunities for American Indian youth, of which a third live in poverty. Obama’s Generation Indigenous initiative calls for programs focused on better preparing American Indian youth for college ...

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Second Person in 1 Month Span Attempts to Jump White House Fence

white house fence

For the second time in the span of one month, someone has jumped the White House fence, but in this incident, the intruder was immediately subdued Wednesday evening, by Secret Service dogs. K-9 units knocked the unidentified young man down ...

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23 Year Old Man Arrested After Jumping White House Fence

White House lawn

A 23 year old Maryland man was arrested late Wednesday night after he jumped the fence to the White House North lawn. Secret Service agents were quick to swarm in on the intruder, and apprehended him without any shots fired. ...

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