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WHO Says Governments Should Raise Cigarette Taxes

cigarette taxes

It might sound like an Abbott and Costello comedy routine but it’s no joke.  The WHO said cigarette taxes should be raised by every government across the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced today that an increase on cigarettes ...

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Health Leaders Urge the Need of Rapid Response Unit for Ebola

Post-Ebola rapid response unit needed, health leaders tell G7

Photo Credit: Google Images

This weekend, the G7 leaders will be requested by Global health leaders this weekend to back the creation of a specialist response unit for facing outbreaks of infectious killer diseases. The move shows on the way in which the WHO ...

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Nation’s Coal Use to Undergo a Major Reduction as per Orders of China

China orders cuts in coal use

Photo Credit: Flickr

China has ordered a huge reduction in the consumption of the non-renewable resource coal over the next five years in order to cap its emissions of carbon by the year 2030 and hereby reducing the nation’s overall pollution crisis.   ...

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CFIA Confirms Virus H5N1 Avian Flu In British Columbia


Canada reported an outbreak of the highly pathogenic bird flu virus H5N1 in British Columbia, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) said on Monday. The outbreak was detected on Feb. 2 in a backyard poultry flock in the province ...

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WHO: World Governments Not Doing Enough For Ebola Epidemic


The obvious indifference of world governments to tackle the Ebola virus epidemic head on has contributed a lot to the seriousness of the whole situation. A document just released by the World Health Organization, stated that the agency will ask for ...

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Water Sanitation: Dirty Hospitals Still Killing New Mothers And Newborns


  LONDON — Boosting water and sanitation investments in hospitals and clinics in low income countries is essential to reduce maternal and newborn deaths, according to research published on Friday. “The process of giving life should not mean unduly risking ...

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E-Cigarettes Have 10 Times More Carcinogens


According to a new study commissioned by Japan’s health ministry, e-cigarettes have as much as 10 times the amount of cancer-causing elements as regular cigarettes.  A team of researchers analyzed the vapor made by the popular electronic cigarette substitutes. For ...

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Egyptian Woman Dies Of Bird Flu For A Total Of 6 Cases This Year

A woman in Menoufia, Egypt, bringing a chicken for a vaccination in 2008 - Amr Dalsh/Reuters

CAIRO- An Egyptian woman died of bird flu on Monday in the Assiut University Hospital, bringing the death toll from the avian flu to 65, since it first emerged in the country in 2006. Her daughter, who had also contracted ...

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