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Concerns About Impact of Farming on Wildlife Raised by EU

EU concerned about farming impact on its wildlife

Photo Credit: Google Images

 An EU report on Wednesday discovers that around 50% of the birds have a secure status as EU programs for protection of endangered species have increased numbers considerably, but some of their habitats are the cause of concern, especially due ...

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Meet Gopher Tortoise-The Only Turtle Species That Cannot Swim

Not all turtles can swim- Florida wildlife

Photo Credit: Google Images

Unlike your usual turtle which has the ability to swim, gopher tortoise are something else. This turtle species is perhaps the only one amongst several other species in the world that cannot swim. In the previous month, the FWC or ...

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Obama Admin. To Raise Protection For Blue Serengeti Of California

Blue Serengeti/Flickr

According to reports, White House is planning to increase protections for two federal marine sanctuaries off California’s north-central coast. The reports stated that the Obama administration has decided to double the size of Blue Serengeti. On Thursday, National Oceanic and ...

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Wildlife Advocates Want Federal Protection For California Spotted Owls


Wildlife advocates fear that if California spotted owl is not included in the list of endangered species then it can become extinct. Meanwhile, wildlife advocates are making efforts to provide the federal protection to the bird. Logging operations in the ...

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Federal Wildlife Managers Seek More Data On Wild Sage Grouse


A new study by sage grouse scientists confirms that the height of grass cover in nesting habitat is a main factor in determining greater sage grouse nest success. These findings suggest that better grazing management is needed to protect the ...

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Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $2 Million to Ocean 5

Leonardo DiCaprio donates $2 Million to Ocean 5

American actor and activist for environmental issues Leonardo DiCaprio, has was extended a donation of $2 million to Ocean 5, a support group for ocean conservation philanthropists. The grant will be used to help protect large area of the Arctic ...

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Can Wal-Mart Just Build Stores Anywhere?


One of the world’s rarest forests, a section of Miami-Dade County’s last intact tracts of endangered pine rockland, is getting a new resident: a Walmart. About 88 acres of rockland, a globally imperiled habitat containing a menagerie of plants, animals ...

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