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Magical Mushrooms Hiding In Queen Elizabeth’s Garden


  LONDON — “Shrooms in the queen’s garden” may sound like a trippy 1960’s song title, but it’s actually a fact. Hallucinogenic mushrooms have been discovered on the grounds of Buckingham Palace in London — which is home to Britain’s ...

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Meth Use Is On The Rise As Life Speeds Up In Iran


  In Iran, crystal meth is rapidly replacing heroin as the hip drug of choice. From students to housewives, Tehran has seen a staggering rise of crystal meth that has left a devastating trail of addiction. Almost as cheap as ...

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Turkish President: Women Are Not Equal To Men


ISTANBUL–Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that gender equality is “against nature”. In a controversial speech he made at an Istanbul women’s conference on women and justice yesterday Erdogan not only stated that women are not equal to men but ...

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Prince George is Expecting a BIG Surprise!

Prince George is set to be a big brother. Photo: Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made it official: the spare to the heir is due in April. In a statement from Kensington Palace, the royal couple said they were “delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in ...

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Another Hairy Situation For iPhone 6?

iphone 6

The recently released iPhone 6 is the center of yet more controversy. This time, it’s not ”Bendgate” but a hairier issue. Details are still at times fuzzy but according to a recent community post at 9to5Mac, some of the new ...

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Chinese Food Laced With Opium?


According to sources at the South China Post, a well-known Chinese restaurant in Shaanxi province, China has been serving opium poppy-laced food to its customers.  It all started when one of the eatery’s regular customers–26-year old Liu Juyou—came up positive ...

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Ancient Artwork Reveals Cavemen Creative


According to a recent release from the Associated Press, a recently discovered series of lines carved into cave rock in Europe could constitute proof positive that cavemen, specifically Neanderthals, were more creative and intelligent than previously believed. An international team ...

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Colombian President Pushes Medical Marijuana

medical marijuana

According to an Associated Press release, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos stated he supported legislation that would legalize medical marijuana in Colombia. Introduced in July the bill, said Santos, is “a practical, compassionate measure to reduce the pain (and) anxiety ...

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OnePlus Cutie Contest Causes Clamor


OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, just canceled its most recent publicity gimmick due to politically-correct clamor over a campaign that was meant to increase its popularity among women. Unfortunately for the cell phone sellers, the contest garnered some scathing reactions ...

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