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Sea snakes don’t drink salt water

sea snakes

While sea snakes live all their lives in sea water,  a University of Florida biologist has discovered that the actually will dehydrate for months just waiting for the next rainfall when they can drink their fill of fresh water.  Professor ...

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NASA says civilization to fall


It’s the end of the world as we know it . . . A new study by NASA‘s Goddard Space Flight Center indicates that our current civilization could collapse in but a few more decades unless the reasons for our ...

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NASA 10,581-shot mosaic moon map debuts


NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) just announced that a group of their scientists have constructed an interactive mosaic moon map of the lunar North Pole using four years worth of pictures (10,581 shots) taken from its LRO (Lunar ...

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NASA ‘space thief’ ready to return ISEE-3


It was September 1985 when NASA scientist Robert W. Farquhar and some “accomplices”, upset that NASA had lost interest in the quest for comets due to mission cost concerns, made a decision  about the ISEE-3 (International Sun-Earth Explorer 3) that ...

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Infrared graphene contact lenses on way?


According to recent research published in Nature Nanotechnology, engineers at the University of Michigan are working to create graphene contact lenses that will permit the wearer to not only see visible light but also ultra-violet light and the entire infrared ...

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Samsung Gear 2 out now


Samsung has just launched a new line of wearable devices along with last month’s Galaxy S5.   Samsung introduced the Galaxy Gear, its first smartwatch, last year.  The watch was powered by Android. Samsung surprised some by unveiling new smartwatches powered ...

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Google Drive prices cut 80%

google drive

Google Drive storage recently announced it has slashed their prices to make Google Drive paid plans more affordable.  To increase their competitive edge they have also increased capacity at the same time.  Early critics note that this move was made ...

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