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Research Reveals Oil is Not Well


According to a study recently published in Environmental Science and Technology scientists from both École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Eawag in Switzerland, a recent oil spill experiment performed in the North Sea has resulted in several important clues ...

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Phony Facebook App Infects Computers


According to Cheetah Mobile and other online sources, at least 10,000 people across the globe have fallen victim to a relatively new malware application that fools Facebook users by informing them that the app can change the color schemes of ...

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Aspirin Daily Conquers Cancer


According to a recent study published in the European cancer journal Annals of Oncology, a daily dose of aspirin may aid in preventing cancer. Specifically, a research tem co-funded by the charity Cancer Research UK (CRUK) discovered that taking an aspirin ...

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Iliad Aims For T-Mobile Ownership


The French-owned company, Iliad, France’s fourth largest mobile phone company, recently announced its intentions to purchase a majority stake in T-mobile. While experts feel it is likely that Sprint and T-Mobile US are apt to wind up in a $32 ...

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Oklahoma Teen Missionary Molests Kenyan Kids


  According to recently released records from the US Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma, 19 year-old Matthew Lane Durham was charged yesterday with traveling to Kenya in order to sexually abuse 10 orphans at a missionary children’s home ...

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Snowden: NSA Shares Your Nude Pics


According to a video interview just posted by the Guardian, previous contractor Edward Snowden said that the NSA (National Security Agency) employees consider sharing sexts and nude pics gathered through various surveillance programs is an unspoken “fringe benefit.” He stated: ...

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NASA Equips Robots With Google 3D Smartphones


NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) announced that they will be using Google’s smartphones with 3D sensing capabilities. The smartphones will be utilized to run its ball-shaped robots on the famous International space station. According to various sources such ...

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Saturn’s Moon Titan Has Salty Sea


According to new findings just published in this week’s edition of the journal Icarus, NASA’s Cassini Mission has brought to light new evidence of an actual ocean inside Titan, Saturn’s biggest moon. Furthermore, the ocean in question might even be ...

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