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Facebook Takes On YouTube


According to an online announcement Wednesday by Will Cathcart, vice president of product management for Facebook, Facebook users will witness the unveiling of new features over the following months as the social media company continue to test and change new ...

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YouTube’s 2-In-1 Subscription Service Coming Soon


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Watch The Surveillance Video Of HitchBot Getting Destroyed

Watch The Surveillance Video Of  HitchBot Getting Destroyed

HitchBot was in the process of making his way across the United States last week when somebody decided to destroy him in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was previously unknown who destroyed the robot, but now we have a lead. Surveillance video ...

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Cassiopeia A: Supernova Has Bubble- Like Interior From Radioactive Nickle

Scientists have taken a closer look at one of the most well studied supernova remnants in our galaxy, Cassiopeia A. They've created a new 3D map of its interior that reveals surprising, never-before-seen details about the supernova. A photograph of Cas A from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory reveals the supernova remnant's complex structure. (Photo : NASA/CXC/SAO)

Cassiopeia A, or Cas A, was first created about 340 years ago. That’s when a massive star exploded in the constellation Cassiopeia. The extremely hot and radioactive material that streamed outward from the stars core mixed and churned outer debris, ...

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Robots Can Now Learn To Cook, Through YouTube!

DARPA teaches robots to cook by watching YouTube

Photo Credit: Flickr

Through the power of technology, individuals nowadays can learn many general and useful skills that someone wouldn’t teach them in real life. But strangely, this concept now applies to robots too, as they are starting to use out huge databases ...

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Justin Bieber Apologizes For His Behavior Over The Last 1.5 Years

Justin Bieber Apology Video

Justin Bieber released an online video, in which he apologized to fans and the general public for his radical behavior over the last 1.5 years. He attempted to make amends for some poor choices that he made as a young ...

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New Species Found At Greatest Depths Ever Recorded In Mariana Trench (VIDEO)


  Scientists discovered a new species of fish lurking five miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Biologists have returned from the first detailed study of the Mariana Trench aboard Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel Falkor. The Mariana Trench ...

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Jordan’s Mysterious Circles: Are Jordan’s 12 Gigantic Circles Evidence Of Alien Life?

Photo: LiveScience

Twelve ”Gigantic Circles” have been rediscovered and photographed in Jordan, baffling archaeologists as to the purpose of these enormous stone rings found scattered across west central Jordan. First found in 1920, recent surveys and aerial pictures have revealed more about ...

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Dolphins May Be Attracted To Earth’s Magnetic Fields but Why? (+ VIDEO)

Photo: Flickr

Turns out dolphins have a certain magnetic quality, not just figuratively but literally. Researchers observed a change in the behavior of dolphins whenever they swim near magnetized objects. It was then found that they are sensitive to magnetic stimuli. Lead ...

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